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Productivity Training Events

Productivity Training hosts open-enrollment educational events in lean and total productive maintenance, kaizen events and workshops as well as online learning. These programs offer a deep dive into the techniques and skills you need for performance excellence. In all our programs, we aim to enhance learning by combining an appropriate mix of teaching methods that includes presentation, simulations, case studies, plant tours, interactive exercises, on-the-job assignments, discussion, and networking.

We have achieved 26 JIPM TPM Awards.


  • Is It Classroom
  • Is it Theory…………Can this really Work?
  • Is It Effective?




In-Company training

We offer a full array of in-house training - which we can also bring to you- in the following categories:

Leadership Development
Lean Tool Training
Policy Deployment
Project Management
Total Productive Maintenance
Visual Management

Train Maintenance and Railway Maintance workshop

In-Company training programs are custom-designed to meet a wide array of educational needs -- from shop-floor and front-line workers to the executive suite. Programs can be customized to suit manufacturing, service, and healthcare environments. Contact us for all options.

About Total Productive Maintenance

The TPM objective is to aim to assure zero defect conditions. It does this by understanding and controlling the process interactions between manpower, material, machines and methods that could enable defects to occur. We offer different training events that enhance each other as building blocks.

Progam Management Zero Losses, Zero Accidents, Zero Waste Progam Management Zero Losses, Zero Accidents, Zero Waste

Improving Productivity

Set your goals to ZERO Losses: Do not accept losses as inevitable, including Safety and Waste. Go for Zero Accidents, Zero Complaints and Zero Waste!

Define and manage your program to eliminate the wastes both in Offices and on the Shop Floor

Eliminate Waste and Losses associated with Transportation and Suppliers

Assess Training Needs and make sure to make it MOST EFFECTIVE !  


Productivity: OEE improvement

Productivity Improvements are free: this training course will give you multiple returns on your investment! 

The maintenance improvement cycle applied on a machine in two weeks time.

We shall assist in applying and implementing the method and principles in the right way, so that they become part of your own maintenance improvement process.

This leads to immediate improvement and significant savings

Office TPM, 5S workplace organization and Process Flow Office TPM, 5S workplace organization and Process Flow

Office Productivity

High Performance Office Team Program, establishing Best Practices in the office with your own people. Understanding the need and benefits. 

How often are you searching for documents? What does it mean when the last version of a document is NOT used? Is the status of your processes easily accesible, for example visualized?

Everybody wants to work in an office where it is easy to work and to find things: it makes work much more enjoyable.

Imagine the savings and quality improvements you could make in the office!

Kaizen in Daily Life

Do you remember how you learnt to walk when you were young? How often did you fall down? And maybe even smiled because of it: you were proud of making progress! 

And parents being proud of seeing you grow. 

That is Kaizen - Change for the Good. 

So even while we sometimes failed we were generally happy with the progress we were making, and that was the driver to continue.

Our aim is to do the same in the workplace. Trying to get better in whatever we do. Yes you sometimes fall over but that is an inevitable part of the learning process. And we'll help you to avoid really falling down.

Autonomous Maintenance Training Workshop

A unique 2 days' Autonomous Workshop: how to improve your OEE while reducing your maintenance cost! Four easy but effective steps. 

This powerful course teaches delegates the concepts and implementation skills necessary to implement and manage Autonomous Maintenance, one of the key pillars in Total Productive Maintenance

Understand how Autonomous Maintenance within Philips Electronics contributed to an OEE increase of more than 20% with our training, assistance and implementation!

Participants learn how the steps In Autonomous Maintenance contribute to increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while reducing the maintenance cost and improving quality 

SMED: Change over time reduction Learn how a changeover at SONY was reduced from over 6 hours down to 7 minutes and 38 seconds!

'Do It Like' Formula 1 Quick Change Over using SMED: Single Minute Exchange of Dies Training Course

This 2 days’ Workshop on Quick Change Over is a powerful course to teach delegates the concepts and implementation skills necessary to implement and manage Quick Change Over. 

Participants learn how the steps in Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) contribute to reducing the change over time dramatically, including additional benefits from the SMED system.

Learn how a changeover at SONY was reduced from over 6 hours down to 7 minutes and 38 seconds!

Productivity Training and Performance Improvement This training focuses on the basic program principles and how these can be translated into daily (operating) practice.

Operational Excellence and Productivity Improvement Training Course

The course is based on current best practice from leading worldwide companies. The training is both "in house" as well as "open enrollment". We do recommend that more than one person from the same organization take this training: it will enhance the value of the training and the impact on work methods can be substantial.

We have more than 20 years’ experience working throughout the World in Operational Excellence program implementation in the Food Industry, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Energy, Retail, Defense, Electronics, Laboratories and Logistics Industries. 

Learn how Philips Electronics increased their OEE from 65% to more than 85%

Enhanced 5S Workplace Organization Training This is what you can achieve with an effective 5S program

Enhanced 5S Training Program

Discover how to improve your 5S workplace organization program to make it more effective and self supporting! 

Enhanced because:

  • the program is an operational program which 'Makes It Work' while we train and induct, focusing on 'A New Experience within the Organization' 
  • we shall establish together a 'Can Do' attitude and establish both a Structure and System which is continuously employed and progressively improved
  • we shall establish a 'Meaning for All' attitude, with a continuous review and ongoing improvement in each area we will work in

Imagine how this can contribute to Safety, Change Overs and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Quality and Elimination of Wastes…… 

Click here to download the Enhanced 5S Workplace Organization leaflet

One Week Hospital Process Improvement

An ONLY IN HOSPITAL training and development program.

We shall work in conjunction with you and your team.

Within the process of improvement you sometimes hear the words Fast, Rapid, Quickly, Speedily (in many ways), Quicker etc. We don't use these terms.

We at Productivity in Europe use the phrase EFFECTIVE because the goal is to create a performance system thas is easier and effective.

Enjoy this so-called hospital kaizen : it will be a new experience to all participants.



Proactive Kaizen Event This Proactive Kaizen Event will exceed your expectations and will prove to be a new way of working

Proactive Kaizen Event

Making Kaizen Really Work in Your Company!

Preparation is key to establish both a Structure and System to facilitate and to ensure it becomes part of ‘The New Way of Working’.

Your processes will be improved with a continuous review including proactive measures becoming part of daily operation

Proactive Measures towards Safety, Quality, Lead Time, Daily Management System: choose your own focus in your Kaizen Week 

The program must always be seen as not a training event – It is a program of Change particularly in the Mindset of people participating in the implementation. 

We Are Not About Quick Fixes –  We Are About Permanent Solutions

Productivity Training Calendar

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