Productivity is Free - Multiple Returns On Investment 
Improving Safety, Productivity and Quality............. don't forget People

The Operational Excellence Miracle

Have you ever felt that you need a miracle to get the necessary improvements? That you need a miracle to get the required results? 

Imagine you could:

Startup Time Reduction Startup Time Reduction

Reduce your Start Up time from more than 8 hours (one shift) to less than 50 minutes

A much smoother start of the week at Unilever!

Through effective teamwork this was realised in just 5 startups leading to much enthusiasm with the workforce: many issues were eliminated that caused the delay in start up of the week increasing weekly output more than 7%. 

Improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE Improving OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increase your OEE with more than 20%

In this case from 65% to over 85% at Philips Electronics

A multi disciplinaire team tracked the reasons for small stops and traced the effect of countermeasures. A side effect was that the preventive maintenance could be reduced by half!

SMED: Change over time reduction SMED Training and implementation of Change Over Time reduction

Reduce your Change Over Time with more than 97%

In this case from over 6 hours to 7 minutes and 38 seconds at SONY.

Sony achieved an Award in Japan for this World Class achievement.

Quality Assurance and Quality Standards Improving Quality Assurance and Quality Standards

 Reduce Quality Rejects (rework) with over 50% in only 3 months

In this case not only the rework rate going down with more than 50%, also tuning time going down more than 25%! 

This pager factory became the benchmark for the industry.

Productivity Training and Performance Improvement Productivity Training and Performance Improvement

Reduce the change over time from more than a complete weekend down to 16 minutes 

Taking the heat off production pressure in the glass industry!

Speeding up a glass furnace leading to significant savings in quality losses, inventory levels and a major improvement of working capital.

Lead time reduction will save lives! Lead time reduction will save lives!

Reduce the 'Diagnosis to Treatment' Time with more than 50%!

This will save many lives!

Analyzing and re-arranging the diagnosis-to-treatment process will bring significant opportunities to speed up the process and to eliminatie waste.

Equally effective with respect to surgery operating methods and other processes in health care!

Office Process Improvement Office Process Improvement

Increase Office Productivity with more than 25%

Eliminate searching for documents, eliminate using old document versions and create an effective 'Shared Drive'

Create a common understanding of the goals and working methods to make the office a more enjoyable place to work, and more effective too!

With Productivity Training you can: Our people work for many different types of companies: Food, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Logistics, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Shipping and many, many more.

Imagine your people experiencing the same rewarding journey: making work easier and at the same time dramatically improving performance!

The beginning of your journey is just with you. We provide the best support and create your ability to make change!  Our objectives is to make you "the best in class of what you want to achieve"

Together we really make this happen. Just look forward to becoming world class! 

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